Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween tricks and treats

I have recently learned that both of my children suffer from a rare disorder called "Brad Rice Syndrome", or otherwise known as "I can't stand for my hands to get dirty syndrome". Don't be alarmed if you, or your children, have been in close contact with mine, it is NOT contageous and studies have shown it is a genetically inherited disease. Haley's case is very mild and selective; for example she is okay with covering not just her hands, but her entire body in paint( See photo at end of post). However, putting her hands into pumpkin guts is out of the question. Carson's case is far more severe. He cannot stand to have any medium(i.e. food, paint, glue,etc.,) on his hands, especially not pumpkin guts. So I tried to "trick" them into cleaning out their pumpkins with their hands, but to no avail. Haley ended up with a spoon, and Carson disappeared completely from the whole process. I think toy trains were much more interesting, and cleaner, than pumpkin carving.

You want me to put my hands in there?

Haley only appears to have her hand in the pumpkin. Trust me she isn't touching anything in that pumpkin. It is all part of the illusion of Halloween.

Next on the agenda was painting squash ghosts. This they both really liked, at least until Carson got some paint on his hands and decided maybe this project wasn't for him either.

So now for the "treats". We made sugar cookies and Carson stuck around for a while for this(although he asked me for "a wipe" about 50 times.)

P.S. Right now there is no known cure for "BRS (Brad Rice Syndrome) but as you can see with serious and persistant intervention progress can be made.

Presenting their Royal Highnesses

Here they are......the King and Queen of 99 Royal Appian Crescent patiently waiting to go trick-or-treating. Haley of course knew what that meant and when I explained to Carson that people would put candy in his spider bag he said "wooow, cool"! Boy it only took him one house to see what I was talking about and he was off and running(literally). They had great fun first going out with Brad and then I wanted to take them out too. Few things are better than Halloween!

The emporer needs new clothes! Once trick-or-treating was over, not only did Carson's costume come right off, so did everything else(except Haley's crown).