Friday, February 8, 2008

"when you come crash ....into me, yeah"

Sorry everyone(well at least the 5 of you who actually still look at my empty blog). I got a few comments and emails wanting to know what in the world I was talking about when I posted the title to this. Well, the answer is I started to do a post(I know -it's a miracle) and was interrupted as soon as I started( I'm not saying by who, but you can guess). I somehow posted it without meaning to. So, yes, I did get into an accident. It has been many a moon since those words have come out of my mouth. And yes, it was my fault. Although, this is not an actual picture of the accident, it is a rather accurate substitute photo of what the other person's car looked like after I rear-ended her. I didn't think it would have gone over too well if I had said "hey do you mind if I take a couple of pictures of your car for my blog?" Now while many of you who know my past, (and I mean a long time ago), driving record, this is probably really funny. Well, I wasn't laughing that night, I was hysterical! Long story short, everything worked out. I had signed up for accident protection a little while ago and had forgotten about it. So when I called the insurance and they told me that my first accident was covered because I had put the protection thing on my policy and that my rates would not go up, I screamed into the phone and told the agent that I loved her. And then when I told Brad he said he loved me. So that is a great ending to what could have been a really bad situation. By the way, the lady I hit was 5 months pregnant and luckily she, the baby, and I (my kids weren't with me) are all okay. I hope that clears everything up and now stay tuned for more posts.

p.s. Unfortunately I wasn't talking about the same kind of crashing that Dave Matthew's is talking about!