Saturday, November 22, 2008

Halloween 2008

I was getting out all of my Christmas decos and realized I should probably post about Halloween before Christmas actually comes and more importantly the New Year. Is is really almost New years? YIKES! It was a typical Halloween at our house. Carson was Batman and Haley was a storybook witch. Brad and I took turns taking them trick-or treating. Carson ate about 5 bags of chips while switching to lollipops in between while we were trick-or treating(giving out chips for Halloween is really big up here), and Haley didn't like half of the candy she got. They had a great time-of course.

Painting their ghost squash

Haley showing off her finished ghost squash


Batman flexing his HUGE muscles!

The witch on her flying broomstick

Blogged Down

My sister Melanie recently said to me on a phonecall "I am sick of looking at you and Haley hugging a horse. Would you please update your blog?" She was joking with me(kind of), so I am actually going to honor her request(and the requests of a couple of other friends) and actually post on my blog for the first time since June. PATHETIC!