Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fieldtrip Funnies

Last week I chaperoned for Haley's first fieldtrip. It was to a great little place in the country called Puck's Farm.

All the kids got a pony rideHaley petting one of the horses that pulled us on a hayride around the property
Here is the group of kids I was in charge of. As we were standing waiting with some of the other kids in the class for the next activity to start I was talking with some of my kids. I said to the little girl second from the right wearing a sweatshirt that is a size 2T:

me: Jhanki(yes that is her name) Did you get you hair cut?(it used to be long and now she looks like a boy)
Jhanki: yea I did
**enters another student named Dev**
Dev: Well I am getting my penis cut.
Me:(suprised) oh you are?
Dev: yea I am getting my penis cut(he repeats--so now I know I heard him correctly)
Me: why are you doing that?
Dev: because it is too small.
Call me crazy, but I don't think cutting it is going to help if the problem is that it is too small.
Conversation redirection.......

Haley milking a cow with "Farmer Vivian"

This is a picture of "Farmer Mark" preparing the kids for a barnyard tour. As you can see he is a dwarf. When you go to a farm you expect to have lots of teaching moments with your kids, but not one like this. So after we had seen, heard from and talked to Farmer Mark many times throughout the day, Haley was sitting on my lap watching him make butter and she says "Mom, he sure is little isn't he?" I said "yes he is". Then she says "is he a puppet?" So not only did Haley learn about milking cows and making butter at the farm she also learned a valuable lesson on dwarfism. Who knew?


SpaceyKasey said...

I can't even type! Paris and I think this is so dern funny.

I especially like the girl picking her nose. It took us awhile to realize you were in the picture. Perhaps it is you who is the dwarf. :)

Liz said...

Tiffany, I sat and laughed out loud at the "puppet" remark. I can't wait until you get here and make me laugh every day. Without you and Brandon gone, it's been a long time since I laughed really hard. It's going to be

Jodi said...

Gotta love kids! At least it wasn't Haley talking about her anatomy. Taylor one time told her teacher at daycare that, and I quote, "my mommy has a big chest and my daddy has a little one". I thought I was going to die.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany, I almost peed my pants. I really expected that story to go another way when I saw the kid picking their nose. I'm sure you and Haley will never forget her first field trip and know I won't.

Little Roman said...

didnt you flunk FFA? too much of a beach bunny. animal thing didnt take.

Marianne, Clint, Andrew and Nicholas said...

Girl, your home now so lets update :) thanks for your email. i can't beleive you were in fl for so long. how fun :) update so i know how it all went and what fun you guys had. :)